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For The Financier

30% fewer carts required creates an UNMATCHED ROI for Providers

Cost Effective:

Maintaining a healthy business means being financially responsible. ELORA helps organizations maximize the impact of ever shrinking budgets by rejuvenating existing cart assets and expanding their life span to achieve maximum ROI. When new workstation on wheels must be purchased, ELORA can reduce the amount of equipment purchased by up to 33% over traditional fixed power carts.

  • Nearly 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. base powered carts
  • Over 30% lower initial equipment investment by eliminating the need for extra carts and equipment to compensate for carts out of service while charging
  • 100% cart availability means all carts are accessible and not cluttering hallways while charging
  • Fleet management software enables pro-active budgeting for battery replenishment
  • Modular design and advanced parts replacement program ensures near zero down-time
  • Reclaim/repurpose valuable floor space previously used to charge carts
ELORA mobile power has a lower total cost of ownership compared to base-powered WOWs!
ELORA can reduce new cart expenditures with its ability to add power onto existing non-powered carts.
Save money by eliminating excess carts!
ELORA power will reduce WOW purchases by up to 30%.
ELORA is the power of choice for Clinicians, IT, Risk, and Executives.

ELORA sets the bar high


years of experience


cart availability


total cost of ownership (TCO)


initial investment


average battery life in Mo.


less total svc costs


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