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More than 22,000 batteries in use with ZERO thermal events...


Hospital safety is not limited to patients.  It extends to staff and visitors who who  cycle through the facility.  ELORA supports a focus on safety through its rigorous design, manufacturing, testing and certification of every product.  Our batteries are manufactured in an ISO 13485, FDA approved facility and the ELORA system is certified to IEC 60601 – a widely accepted series of international standards for electrical medical equipment.  ELORA’s ergonomic design and lightweight system minimizes the stress, fatigue and risk of muscular-skeletal injuries by clinicians who aremaneuvering workstations on wheels while caring for patients.  ELORA’s lightweight battery and simple battery swaps eliminates the need for clinicians to bend, lift or manipulate awkward equipment to maintain fully charged carts.

  • Over 50 years of power systems engineering and manufacturing expertise
  • Designed with premium Panasonic cells (just like Tesla!)
  • Over 1.5 million cells in the field
  • Multiple certifications including IEC 60601 certification for Medical Systems
  • 30 pounds lighter than fixed power carts
  • 4 pound battery – lightest on the market
The ELORA solution has 7 certifications for best-in-class safety!
ELORA helps reduce risk of injuries & fatigue associated with using, repairing, and bending to plug-in heavy base powered carts.
Improve hallway egress for JCAHO accreditation!
ELORA is the power of choice for Clinicians, IT, Risk, and Executives
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