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For The Technologist

100% AVAILABILITY means less equipment to support

Simple and Reliable

ELORA offers 110-volt AC power output and is universally adaptable to any cart or other mobile medical device.  Standard channel mounting and plug and play integration simplifies deployment of workstation on wheels or other mobile medical device fleets. ELORA unburdens valuable resources allowing them to attend to mission critical activities.

Our fleet management/remote battery monitoring supports proactive services and budgeting.  In the event of a failure, our modular design enables simple remove and replace strategies for near zero down-time.  All of this equates to significant labor and material cost savings.

  • Reduce your support burden with 30% less equipment than fixed-power carts
  • Manage your fleet with real-time performance feedback, reports and automated alerts
  • Leverage reports for proactive budgeting input
  • Simplify and expedite service with our modular design and advanced replacement program
  • Power virtually any cart or medical device with 110 Volt AC output plug and play installation
  • Have confidence knowing the ELORA is engineered to the highest standards with 7 safety certifications including IEC 60601
ELORA power enables you to leverage your power investment across existing and future Workstations on Wheels!
ELORA is the budget-friendly power infrastructure, that upgrades non-powered carts to powered WOWs!
Reduce IT support burden with ELORA!
ELORA is the lightweight and cost-effective solution for adding power to non-powered WOWs!
ELORA is the power of choice for Clinicians, IT, Risk, and Executives

ELORA sets the bar high


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