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Maximize ROI

ELORA’s Hot Swap technology allows 100% cart utilization and 24/7 run-time, eliminating the need to purchase extra carts, computers, monitors and other peripherals because of down-time associated with recharging traditional fixed power carts.

Well run businesses manage to extract every drop of value from any investment. The ELORA mobile power solution helps hospitals achieve this goal from their Workstation on Wheels.

Power Virtually Any Cart

The ELORA is the most adaptable system of its kind. Our 110-volt AC output will universally power virtually any WOW, Interpreting cart, or other cart-based/mobile electronics, delivering unprecedented levels of productivity from your assets.

Reduce equipment requirements by more than 30%

ELORA’s Hot Swap technology provides 24/7 run-time that achieves 100% availability of assets, which puts more carts to work for your clinicians. By eliminating down-time during charging you are not required to purchase additional base powered carts to compensate for 3-5 hours of being out of service while they are charging.

Affordably Upgrade Your Existing Cart Fleet

With the ELORA system, you may not need to invest in new carts. By upgrading existing non-powered carts with one of the industry’s most flexible power solutions, you’ll breathe new life into your fleet of carts while improving ROI. IT professionals can also easily upgrade older base-powered carts with the ELORA, reducing their weight by 30 pounds or more, and preventing valuable assets from sitting idle while plugged in and cluttering your hallways for as much as 8 hours, every day.

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