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Quality Design

Over 50 years of engineering expertise, manufactured in an FDA approved facility, uses Panasonic battery cells, IEC 60601 certified and more than 25,000 batteries in circulation, with no adverse incidents reported.

Safety designed in conjunction with Anton/Bauer and Panasonic:  Built on over 50 years of battery system experience and proven with over 25,000 batteries in circulation.

Human Factors

The lightweight ergonomic design helps to reduce the stress and strain that caregivers that interface with workstations on wheels (WOWs) throughout the day.  This contributes to fewer clinician workplace muscular-skeletal injuries associated with the reaching, bending, pushing and lifting during their shift.  This reduction of risk dramatically improves clinician job satisfaction and lowers the rate of workers compensation claims resulting from injuries of this nature.


ELORA batteries use best-in-class Panasonic battery cells, the same cell used in Tesla vehicles. They are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified, FDA approved manufacturing facility. Each battery employs multiple sensors and circuitry to extend battery life and maximize safety.
The ELORA battery is manufactured using an ABS polycarbonate plastic blend and each internal battery cell is protected by a honeycomb exoskeleton and a potting compound functioning as a “crumple zone” for increased safety in the event of an accidental drop. The housing surrounds an internal cradle assembly that provides space for proper airflow and cooling to extend the life of the cells.
Our chargers and power module are made to the same exacting standards as our ELORA batteries. Each device employs proprietary charge and discharge cycle algorithm to extend the life of the battery cells. Each device is also designed with multi-layer protections (electrical, software and hardware) that shut down the battery long before overheating could occur.

Hot Swap Mobile Power Lithium Ion Battery Work station on wheels


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