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Installs onto virtually any workstation on wheels in the market within minutes! Features a 10 second battery swap providing 24/7 operation without ever needing to plug the cart on for charging.

The essence of ensuring high user satisfaction and high reliability is rooted in the simplicity of operation and simplicity of design.

Unburdened Operation

10 seconds is all it takes to swap batteries, ensuring clinicians have full power anytime, anywhere.  Easy, one-handed operation for clinicians means they can swap batteries when convenient without the need to search for an outlet.  With ELORA you no longer need to worry about plugging in a cart or rushing to enter critical patient information before the cart battery dies.

Seamless Integration

Universal mounting and 110-volt output provide for plug-and-play integration with virtually all carts and workflows.  On-wall mounting of the charging cabinets with standard 110-volt cords means they can be placed anywhere there is an outlet.  With ELORA’s modular design, service is simple too.  Advanced replacement modules ensure maximum up-time of the system.

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