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For The Clinician

ELORA mobile power RELIEVES STRESS and SIMPLIFIES Patient Care

Simple to use:

In this day and age, clinicians are under perpetual pressure to do more.  This increasing list of tasks inevitably comes at the expense of patient engagement.  ELORA makes life simple for care providers.  Our batteries are 20% lighter and support an easy battery “swap” process.  Clinicians can exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged battery whenever it’s convenient for them: at the beginning of shift, end of a break, whenever they’re near a battery charger.  No longer does the clinician have to remember to plug in the cart for fear of a dead battery at a critical moments.

  • True Hot Swap technology offers 24/7 up-time allowing greater focus on patient care
  • No more searching for a power outlet – battery swaps take 10 seconds or less
  • Seamlessly fits into any clinical workflow – multiple configurations are available
  • Ergonomic lightweight design eliminates bending – no more searching for outlets
  • On-screen battery meter keeps you informed – power status at a glance
With ELORA you’ll always have a charged cart ready for use! Eliminate the need to plug carts in!
ELORA helps Clinicians focus on patient care, by ensuring they have a fully charged cart 24/7.
Power carts without the cords!
ELORA powered WOWs weigh up to 30 lbs less than base-powered carts.
ELORA is the power of choice for Clinicians, IT, Risk, and Executives.
for the clinician

ELORA sets the bar high


years of experience


provides 24/7 Power


time to swap battery (in seconds)


one handed operation


fits any clinical workflow


total battery weight


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